New Wrinkle in Sexual Enhancement Products.

Cosmetic procedure for your penis? A group of Korean researchers pumped hyaluronic acid into wrinkle fillers to study particle atoms and increase their size; the results were promising.

Hyaluronic acid injections are used to relieve arthritis pain, full lips, fill in wrinkles: fillers can now be used to improve the perimeter of the penis.

Due to the increasing demand of the so-called “penis amplifiers” (just a Google term and you will find a lot of products and doses that promote the ability to increase your virility), scientists from the University of Korea in Seoul decided to test the Hyaluronic acid by injection, a substance that is naturally found in our bodies. But they are also done in laboratories, filling the participants’ bars.

The researchers wrote in the Journal of Sexual Medicine that this study included 50 brave men with “little rods”. These men received injections of 20.5 cc of hyaluronic acid (ie, about two thirds the size of a cup of medication, according to MSNBC) into the tissues surrounding the penis. Penis size was measured before the procedure and then at 18 months, and doctors also took note of the size of the penis after the operation.

Results? On average, men experienced an increase in the circumference of 4 cm (approximately 1.5 inches) and the reinforcement remained for more than 18 months. The participants were also pleased: on a scale of 0 to 4, they rated their satisfaction in 3.3. No serious side effects have been reported and scientists have concluded that padding is “a very effective and safe technique for penis enlargement”.

Injection of Penis Enlargement: Are you trying?

In addition to the “injection needle inside the penis” of the procedure, penile injection looks promising. But are they yours?

Tony Yun, MD, a Michigan resident surgeon, explains in an MSNBC article that current penis enlargement options tend to be ineffective and lack scientific evidence, or highly invasive. “An operation to enlarge the penis involves an open cut and implants the skin of its radioactive body around the central column,” he writes. “I think this is extreme: some doctors extend the penis by cutting the suspender ligament, then tie the weight to the end of the penis every day for six months.”

Although the injection of hyaluronic acid is recognized as a better bet than the previous one, it is not entirely on board. Instead, recommend an option without risk, without needles and without side effects: weight loss.

“Removing fat around that area can make the shape on the left larger,” he says.

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